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Sana, F., & Carpenter, S.K. (in press). Broader benefits of the pretesting effect: Placement matters. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review. LINK Yan, V.X., Carvalho, P. F., & Sana, F. (2023). How students’ decisions to space their practice are related to better learning. In C. E. Overson, C. M. Hakala, L. L. Kordonowy, & V. A. Benassi […]

Sana, F., & Fenesi, B. (in preparation). Examining interactions between working memory capacity and instructional treatments to predict learning. Sana, F. & Cowan, N. (in preparation). When belief and common-sense conflict: the role of working memory capacity in deductive reasoning. Sana, F., Clark, C., & Kim, J.A., Bjork, E.L., & Bjork, R.A. (in preparation). Pretesting […]